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BIOJANI - Biological Agricultural Inputs

A healthy, economical and sustainable approach...

Natural fertilization and plants protection!

BIOJANI is our brand of biological agricultural inputs. They are economical and efficient at boosting crop production while restoring soil's natural fertility, preserving the health of producers and consumers, and protecting the environment. BIOJANI is the solution to very serious environmental and public health problems caused by the chronic toxicity effects of chemical agricultural inputs on soils, crops, animals and humans.

In addition to helping farmers staying healthy and protecting the environment, BIJONANI products clearly help put money back into their pockets and maximize their gains.

BIOJANI products are:

  • The result of close research and practical collaboration between our partner laboratories and a team of local farmers in Cote d'Ivoire.
  • Made of microorganisms and organic material beneficial to plants and soil.
  • Tested and validated to have a wide spectrum of application well suited to perennial, annual and vegetable crops in these different climatic zones.
  • Certified organic by IMO Control.


They are enriched with microorganisms beneficial to plants, which improve fertilization. This innovative biological approach makes it possible to satisfy, in a very healthy way, the needs for primary macronutrients [nitrogen (nitrate, N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)] and micronutrients essential nutrients for the flourishing of crops.


They are enriched with microorganisms beneficial to plants and when applied to the soil and foliage they create a large population of bioinoculants which will colonize the root zone to protect and stimulate plant growth (FONEBAN) and kill insects on contact (PESTIRAD). They reinvigorate the plant, and thus improve its yield.


Biofertilizer: Liquid form | 1 L bottle | Covers 1 ha per treatment


Biofertilizer: Granulated form | 20 KG bag | Covers 1 ha per treatment


Biofungicide, bionematicide and biobactericide: Powder form | 2.5 KG bag | Covers 1 ha per treatment


Biopesticide and bioinsecticide: Powder form | 625 G bag | Covers 1 ha per treatment

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