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SafiBio Agricultural Inputs

A Healthy, Economical and Sustainable Approach...

Biological Agricultural Inputs

SafiBio Agri-Inputs is our subsidiary that specializes in research, development, production and marketing of sustainable, all natural, safe and effective biofertilizers and biophytoprotectors.

We recently launched BIOJANI, our first brand of agricultural bio-input, as a solution to a need that numbers of smallholder farmers have been expressing. They have all come to realize the damage of synthetic chemical inputs on their health, crops and on the soil. BIOJANI is the result of close research and practical collaboration between our partner laboratories and a team of local farmers. These tested and validated products therefore versatile have a wide spectrum of application well suited to care for all type of crops in diverse climatic conditions of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Merit of BIOJANI products

» They offer biological agricultural inputs, categorized into biofertilizers and biophytoprotectors.

» They are a solution to very serious environmental and public health problems caused by the chronic toxicity of chemical agricultural inputs on soils, crops, animals and humans.

Better Yield & Quality