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SafiBio AgriFood Solutions

A Sustainable Approach to Food Crops Growth and Supply

Empowering smallholder producers...

With SafiBio AgriFood Solutions we are proposing effective answers to persisting production and post-harvest management problems encountered by many smallholder farmers and food crops traders in Cote d’Ivoire singularly, and throughout sub-Saharan Africa in general. The problems are widespread and have been consistently reported by several individual farmers and farmers organizations and cooperatives, many of which are already users of our BIOJANI organic agricultural inputs.

The Problems:

Most limiting and persisting...

  • Frequent post-harvest losses due to lack of adequate conservation infrastructure and timely and accommodating transportation to market centers
  • Absence of easily duplicable and controllable sustainable commercial food crops production models
  • Absence of controlled and certified organic commercial crop seeds multiplication

Our Sustainable and Forward Looking Solutions:

Our sound solutions maximize the value of natural and organic production and agri-food production and supply chain. They are based on science, advanced technologies and prioritize environment preservation, and above all peoples (producers, traders and consumers) welfare and wellbeing.

Science and technology enhancing organic food growing

Conservation logistics and infrastructure to prevent losses

Organic food growing starts with seeds multiplication